Enrollment in the Professional Master Program of the University of São Paulo’s Medical School should be carried out only at the Desk of the intended Graduate Program.

Notice 2022 – Professional Master Degree

Relationship documents

  • (2 copies) Application form (click to download),
  • (2 copies) Copy of identification (ID, CPF and RNE for foreigners),
  • (2 copies) Copy of Diploma, front and back;
  • (2 copies) Cópia do Diploma de Graduação, frente e verso;
  • (2 copies) Complete transcript of undergraduate course;
  • (2 copies) Updated resume including job description;
  • (2 copies) Scientific and technological research plan to be developed during the course, accompanied by the admission form for the selection process (click to download);
  • (2 copies) Description of work experience, motivations, topics or issues of greatest interest and objectives;
  • (2 copies) Letter from immediate boss;
  • Result of foreign language proficiency.

Remarks on the documents requested in the Notice:

  • The registration of the Regional Council of Medicine will not be accepted as an identity document, the National driving license neither;
  • Foreign students are required to bring the intermediate level certificate proficiency test in Portuguese, carried out by CELPE-Brás (http://portal.mec.gov.br/sesu) or CIL-FFLCH-USP (http://clinguas.fflch.usp.br);
  • Payment of the registration fee must be made by means of a guide requested by email to the Graduate Secretariat;
  • Proof of completion in “short degrees” will not be accepted.


Details of the selection process for Professional Master Degree are listed on the aforementioned Notice.


The enrollment of the selected candidates must be carried out in the same Department of the Graduate Program in which the registration was made by presenting the Initial Enrollment Form (click to download).