The Laboratory of Experimental Anesthesiology develops research projects with small- and medium-sized animals afforded by funding agencies (CNPQ or FAPESP) in the following lines of research:

  • Evaluation of hemodynamic variables, tissue perfusion, and therapeutic response in states of shock
  • Study of the perception of pain and techniques and analgesic drugs, anesthetics and adjuvants used in anesthesia and pain therapy
  • Blood and blood component transfusion and assessment of cardiovascular responsiveness to vasoactive fluids and drugs
  • Inflammatory and coagulation responses to surgical trauma and study of the techniques of organic perioperative protection

In order to perform experimental research, the laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge anesthesia and hemodynamic monitoring machines for medium-sized animals, as well as an apparatus for behavioral studies of the perception of pain in rodents.

This laboratory is part of our Graduate Program in Anesthesiology, Surgical Sciences, and Perioperative Medicine infrastructure and has facilities for experimental clinical research, such as surgical rooms and ICU beds.

Contact us

Researcher: Dr. Denise Aya Otsuki
Laboratory technician: Gilberto de Mello Nascimento
Location: FMUSP, 2nd floor, room 2120
Phone: +55 11 3061-7293
e-mail: [email protected]