The role of the coordinators includes the establishment performance standards of the Program and criteria for selection of new students, as well as the analysis of research projects being proposed and processes for financial grants.

The Program Coordination Commission (PCC) is formed by the Coordinator and her deputy alternate, by at least one Lecturer accredited as advisor and her deputy, and by a student representative and her deputy.

Here it follows the current composition of the PCC:

Full members

Coordinator: Prof. José Otavio Costa Auler Junior 

Faculty representative: Prof. Luiz Marcelo Sá Malbouisson

Student Representative: Vinícius Caldeira Quintão

Deputy members

Deputy coordinator: Prof. Maria José Carvalho Carmona

Faculty representative: Prof. Filomena Regina Barbosa Gomes Galas

Student representative:  Thiago Ramos Grigio

For further information on PCC mandate or other related subjects, see Articles 35 and 38 of Chapter V of Resolution n. 6.542, April 18th 2013 (DOE April 20th 2013), which approves the Regulations of the University Postgraduate Program.