Doctoral degree: Anesthesiology, Surgical Sciences, and Perioperative Medicine


Graduate Program in Anesthesiology, Surgical Sciences, and Perioperative Medicine – FMUSP Medicina

Strict Sense (PhD and Direct PhD)

Approved by the Higher Education Personnel Improvement Coordination (CAPES) in 1987, up to April 2017, 143 students, 19 masters and 124 doctors received their degrees. Currently, 43 students are enrolled in the PhD/direct PhD program with research projects linked to research lines in progress. The evaluation of CAPES for the PhD Program in Anesthesiology granted concept B for the biennium 92/93 and 94/95, and with the changes in grading concepts, the program received  grade 4 in the biennium 96/97 and in the last three triennia.

The Graduate Program in Anesthesiology, Surgical Sciences, and Perioperative Medicine at University of São Paulo aims to achieve excellence in research in perioperative medicine and international recognition in the fields of anesthesiology, surgical intensive care and pain management, seeking to optimize the impact of the publications and the core permanent teachers, with a consequent increase in the number of students and social inclusion.

In recent years the program showed progressive improvement of the quantity and quality of intellectual production, integration with graduation, fund-raising agencies resources and national and international inter-institutional exchanges. The result of this optimization can be evidenced by the progressive increase in the number of citations of publications relating exclusively to theses in the program.

The strengths of the program are:
1. Progressive increase of the impact factor of publications;
2. Infrastructure installed to meet the researchers needs;
3. increase of inter-institutional partnerships Capacity and publications in conjunction with the outside IES researchers;
4. Visibility of the program: teachers and researchers of the program are trendsetters in the areas where they operate, contributing to the recruitment of students and research development. The Program site gets increasing number of accesses and contributes to visibility.
5. increase capacity of student recruitment: This increasing trend is evident in recent years, with students from the institution or from other institutions in Brazil or abroad.

Secretariat Program: Av Dr. Arnaldo, 455, 4th Floor, room 4107 – USP Medical School (FMUSP) – Tel: +55 11 3061-8709/3061-8737 – Time: from 8h to 17h – Contact: Claudia and Sandra.