The social inclusion aspect of the program is related to shaping human resources that will be qualified professors / researchers in universities, members of clinical research companies, or highly skilled instructors for training specialists, specializing in the fields of anesthesiology and intensive care. This is confirmed through assessing the positions occupied by former students, by the proven and effective participation of program students or graduates in institutions in different regions of Brazil. The program has specific measures to increase student recruitment in strategic areas, especially in the North and Midwest regions of Brazil. Thus, the 39 new enrollments in the three-year period of 2013-2015 were distributed as: 1 Midwest (DF); 2 North (AM and PA); 11 Northeast (4 RN, 2 MA, 2 C, 1 BA, 1 PE, and 1 SE); 04 South (3 PR and 1 RS); and 21 Southeast (17 SP, MG 3, and 1 RJ).
National exchanges

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Dr. André Prato Schmidt, Permanent Advisor of the PhD Program in Biological Sciences at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), complete his PhD in the Program - Project: “Evaluation of the intravenous administration of adenine- and guanine-based purines in hemodynamic and neurochemical parameters and survival in animals’ models”. Funding Agency: CNPq In Process: 510508 / 2010-3 Duration: 03/01/2011 to 02/28/2012. A student of IC (JFA) involved in the project.

Federal University of Ceará

Partnership with Professor. Claudia Regina Fernandes, Professor of the Course of Medicine, University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR), former student of the program in the research project:"Using the international normatized ratio as an indicator of transfusion of fresh frozen plasma in orthotopic liver transplantation" a (student David Marinho) .

International Exchanges

A positive aspect of the program has been the involvement of the Professors in meeting the goal of the University of São Paulo and CAPES of increased partnership with research groups foreign institutions with proven excellence in research. The result was a significant increase in international students and faculty members mobility which began in the previous three years. Partnerships with foreign universities researchers generated joint publications, reception of visiting professors and the mobility of students and and staff members.

The growing number of partnerships with foreign university researchers generated joint publications and reception of visiting professors. Among the publications generated in 2013, 05 (14.7%) originate from researches carried out in conjunction with research institutions abroad; and in 2014 there were 03 articles with participation of foreign researchers and in 2015 there were 10 articles (29,4%).

Concerning specifically the  student mobility sense, 07 students did internships with institutional scholarship or doctoral split-site PhD at partner institutions abroad in the period from 2011 to 2014, and 03 in 2011 (CAPES / ESDP), 01 in 2012 ( CAPES / PDSE), 02 in 2013 (PRPG / USP) and 01 in 2014 (FAPESP). In the undergraduate area CRINT / USP has approved, since 2014, the International Student Mobility Exchange Program in which the Anesthesiology Department of USP received students in coming medicine at the University of Bristol, England Exchange Program.

The institutional exchanges also enabled for teacher mobility, and a permanent teacher (HAA) did postdoctoral in foreign institution in 2010, and in 2015 the MJCC teacher also held post-doctoral training in foreign institutions.There was also .the international reception of visiting teachers and permanent teachers visits the program to institutions abroad

The following Professors visited the program in recent years:

  • From Belgium: Prof. Jukka Takala and Jean Louis Vincent in 2010 and July 2011
  • From the USA: Prof.. Esther Benedetti (May / 2011); Profs. Pedro Paulo Tanaka and Vladmir Nekhendzy (Jun / 2011); Prof. George C. Kramer, Department of Anesthesiology, The University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas (Sep / 2012); Prof. Raul Coimbra, MD, PhD FAC S, University of California - San Diego Health System (Mar / 2013)
  • From France: Prof. Jean Jacques Rouby in 2010 and October 2011 and August 2012
  • From Israel: Prof. Dr. Azriel Perel, Professor of Anaesthesia and Intensive care Medicine at the Sheba Medical Centre, Tel Aviv University, Israel (June / 2016)
  • From Italy: Prof. Paolo Pelosi, in July 2011
  • From Switzerland: Prof. . Dr. Donat Spahn - Zurich University (2013)

In addition to the aforementioned cooperation there was also 01 foreign student enrolled in the program: Rodrigo Sanchez Veliz, doctoral degree in triennium (2010-2012). (Panama)

Among the institutional exchanges already established or in formalization stage, there are:

University of Belgium

Joint projects, 1 publication. (Researcher: Jean Louis Vincent) participates with ES teachers, FRBGG, JOCAJ and LAH line of research "volume and blood component replacement and evaluation of cardiovascular responsiveness to fluid and vasoactive drugs" and "Assessment of hemodynamic, tissue perfusion and therapeutic response in states of shock. " Within this partnership, there was the defense of a doctoral thesis (LAH) and three joint publications in this triennium: - Hajjar LA, Vincent JL, FR Galas, Nakamura RE, Silva CM, MH Santos, et al. Transfusion requirements after cardiac surgery: the TRACS randomized controlled trial. JAMA. 2010; 304 (14): 1559-67. - Hajjar LA, Nakamura RE, de Almeida JP, JT Fukushima, Hoff PM, Vincent JL, Auler JO Jr, Galas FR. Lactate and base deficit are predictors of mortality in critically ill Patients with cancer. Clinics (Sao Paulo). 2011; 66 (12): 2037-42. - Silva And Cavalcanti AB, Bugano DD, Janes JM, Vallet B, R Beale, Vincent JL. The established prognostic factors explain the different mortality rates in ICU septic pacientes around the world? Minerva Anestesiol. 2012 Nov; 78 (11): 1215-25. In three years the researcher visited the institution in 2010 to discuss research projects and received the LAH and FRBGG teachers (2011) as visiting teachers of the institution. The FPC students began doctoral sandwich (2011) in the institution, and it ended in LePitie Salpetrieri Hospital (University Pierre and Marie Curie) with researcher Jean Jacques Rouby.

University Pierre and Marie Curie, Le Pitie Salpetrieri Hopital Universite

Joint projects, 2 PhDs sandwich, 2 publications (Researcher Jean Jacques Rouby):. participate in the partnership JOCAJ teachers, LMSM and MJCC. Within this partnership, a graduate student Fabiola Prior held the doctoral program with sandwich bag Capes (ESDP) in 2011. The researcher participated Program Visitor Professor of activity in 2011 and 2012, with discussion of research projects in progress and participation of lung ultrasound course in critically ill patients, subject theme of future joint research projects. Joint publications in this triennium: - Ambrosio AM, Luo R, Fantoni DT, Gutierres C, Lu Q, Gu WJ, Otsuki DA, Malbouisson LM, Auler JO Jr, Rouby JJ; the Experimental ARDS Study Group. Effects of Positive End-expiratory Pressure Titration and Recruitment Maneuver on Lung Inflammation and Hyperinflation in Experimental Acid Aspiration-induced Lung Injury. Anesthesiology. 2012 Dec; 117 (6): 1322-1334. - Malbouisson LM, Szeles TF, Barbalho L, Massoco CO, Carmona MJ Carvalho CR, Pelosi P, Auler Jr. OJ. Lung hyperinflation stimulates the release of inflammatory mediators in spontaneously breathing subjects. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research 2010; 43 (2): 201-5. Prof. Jean Jacques Rouby visited the program in April 2010, October 2011 and August 2012; The MJCC teacher attended Professor Program visitor to the institution in 2012.

Università Degli Studi Dell'insubria

Università Insubria - 2 joint publications. 01 multicentre study (Researcher Paolo Pelosi.): Participates in partnership with the teaching LMSM. Two research projects completed in three years and currently there is a joint project in approval stage at CONEP. Joint publications in 2010-2011: - Malbouisson LM, Szeles TF, Barbalho L, Massoco CO, Carmona MJ Carvalho CR, Pelosi P, Auler Jr. OJ. Lung hyperinflation stimulates the release of inflammatory mediators in spontaneously breathing subjects. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research 2010; 43 (2): 201-5. - RR Rodrigues, Sawada AY, Rouby JJ, Fukuda MJ, Neves FH, Carmona MJ, Pelosi P, Auler JO, Malbouisson LM. Computed tomography assessment of lung structure in Patients undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass. Braz J Med Biol Res 2011 Jun; 44 (6):. 598-605. The researcher visited the Program in xxxx for discussion of research projects in progress. Italy: Prof. Paolo Pelosi, in July 2011.

Universitätsspital Inselspital Bern

joint projects, 1 postdoc (Researchers Jukka Takala and Stephan Mathias Jakob.): Participate together with the teacher ES in the project as "Time to resuscitation, hemodynamic targets and angiotensin: effects on mitochondrial function and outcome in experimental sepsis ", with funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation. The egress Adriano José Pereira started postdoctoral this institution in 2011. Joint publication during the triennium: - Corrêa TD, Vuda M, Blaser AR, Takala J, Djafarzadeh S, Dünser MW, Silva And Lensch M, Wilkens L, Jakob SM . Effect of treatment delay on disease severity and need for resuscitation in fecal peritonitis porcine. Crit Care Med 2012 Oct; 40 (10). 2841-9. Professor Jukka Takala visited the program in July 2011 to discuss research projects in progress. Additionally, the student Thiago Domingos Correa served a 12 months fellowship  at the same institution, immediately before entering as student of the program, and the thesis to be defended will be the result of this research.

University of Iowa

1 Joint project, 1 postdoc and 1 doctoral split-site doctoral program (Researchers Timothy J Brennan and Esther Benedetti, Department of Anesthesia of the Carver School of Medicine): part of the partnership with the teacher HAA in Research Project: gene expression of ion channels related to nociception in skin, muscle and dorsal root ganglion in a model of postoperative pain in rats. In 2010 and 2011 the teaching HAA fulfilled Postdoctoral Program in the institution and in 2011 the CCAP student fulfilled split-site PhD program at the institution. In 2012 we presented results of research projects in progress at conferences and specialty publications are planned for the next three years. Prof. Esther Benedetti visited the program in May 2011.

Duke University

1 Joint project with  Duke funding + FAPESP and 1 split-site PhD  (researchers Ricardo Pietrobon and Terry Monk.): Partnership with teaching MJCC research project "Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction  in Patients Undergoing General Anesthesia "which has resources of Duke University and FAPESP (Proc. No. 09 / 54233-0) and includes a student program (Livia Stocco Sandhes Valentin) and 01 student of scientific initiation with FAPESP grant (2011 / 22478-4). The MJCC teacher was invited as visiting professor at Duke University, on December 7-8 2010, as a result of the project development on postoperative cognitive dysfunction findings, Drs. Steve Melton, Mark Newman, Terry Monk and Ricardo Pietrobon for discussion of the research project. Publications relating to the joint project are planned for the next three years and another set research project is in preparation

Harvard University

1 Joint project and 1 split-site PhD (Researcher Marcos Francisco Vidal in a  Partnership with MJCC teaching in the project research "Extracorporeal Circulation effect on lung function," which includes the student Claudia Regina da Costa Freitas, who in 2011 was a fellow split-site PhD student (ESDP) in the institution. The publication of the study results will occur in the next three years. The research project set "hypercapnia effect evaluation on the pulmonary  function of patients undergoing thoracic surgery and single lung ventilation" awaits approval by the Ethics Commission to start of data collection in Brazil.

Universität Zürich

Joint project hepatic TX (gastro program) (researchers Beatrice Beck Schimmer;. Stefan Breitenstein, John Bonvini and Pierre Alain Clavien). The researcher JARF (in accrediting phase as Program advisor) and the Professors MJCC JOCAJ participate in a multicenter research project related to liver protection during anesthesia for liver transplantation, and the principal investigator in Brazil Prof. Luiz Augusto Carneiro D'Albuquerque, USP Gastroenterology Program Smith):..

London University

Split-site PhD (Researcher Kenneth John  Department of Neuroinflammation, The Institute of Neurology (Queen Square) research project Hemorrhagic shock: Monitoring of brain mitochondrial function  and development of a strategy for mitochondrial protection. Advisor in Brazil: Luiz Marcelo Sá Malbouisson. Fellow student: Keila Kazue Ida - CAPES PDSE: BEX 10 646 / 12-4,period October 2012 to September 2013.

University of Toronto

Joint project (Researcher José Almeida Carvalho) Research projects related to obstetric anesthesia led to the approval of Discipline "MAN5737-Critical analysis of hemodynamic monitoring of replacement volume solutions and vasopressors used in caesarean section", a partnership with Professor MLAT and researcher Fernando Bliacheriene.

Stanford University

Joint project. (Researchers Pedro Paulo Tanaka and Vladimir Nekhendzy) research project in conjunction with MJCC and CRMS graduate student already prepared and awaiting approval by the institutional ethics committee. Profs. Pedro Paulo Tanaka and Vladmir Nekhendzy visited the program in June 2011 to discuss joint research projects, which are currently in the process of approval by the Ethics Commission. The CMS student visited the Department of Anesthesiology at Stanford University in November 2011.


There is a growing number of partnerships of Program members with researchers of foreign universities, generating joint publications, internships abroad, and attracting visiting students and professors. As for the numbers, among the 97 publications from 2013 to 2015, 15 (15.46%) are products of research conducted in conjunction with research institutions abroad; 3 students did internships at partner institutions abroad, 1 with CAPES split-site doctoral program grant and 2 with PRPG/Universidade de São Paulo grant; 1 Professor (Joaquim Edson Vieira) worked as a visiting professor and another 1 (Maria José Carvalho Carmona) carried out post-doctoral activities in foreign institutions; and institutional exchange programs also enabled staff mobility, receiving international visiting Professors (see Exchange Programs) and visits of permanent program Professors to institutions abroad. Please click in the links below to find out the international activities of our Faculty:

Alumni geographic distribution
Interfaces with basic education

In assuming the responsibility of integrating activities of the Academy with the Basic Education, our Graduate Program in Anesthesiology develops projects of interface with High School students in São Paulo Metropolitan Area. Two projects deserve attention:


The following thesis "A prospective and randomized study of liberal and restrictive red blood cell transfusion strategies in cardiac surgery" received the CAPES THESIS AWARD in the Medicine III Area in 2010.

This thesis was published at the Journal of American Medical Association, with a 30 impact factor, and had 94 citations until the end of 2012 (Hajjar LA, Vincent JL, Galas FR, Nakamura RE, Silva CM, Santos MH, Fukushima J, Kalil Filho R, Sierra DB, Lopes NH, Mauad T, Roquim AC, Sundin MR, Leão WC, Almeida JP, Pomerantzeff PM, Dallan LO, Jatene FB, Stolf NA, Auler JO Jr. Transfusion requirements after cardiac surgery: the TRACS randomized controlled trial. JAMA. 2010;304(14):1559-67).

Other important prizes during the last 3-years period include the 2012 Mario Covas Prize for Professor LMSM and Student JMSJ, the Harvard University Scholar Award for Professor MJCC in 2010 and Student LSSV in 2012, and 04 prizes for best papers in National and International congresses:

Joel Avancini Rocha Filho, Ricardo Souza Nani, Eliazar Chaib, Alberto Queiroz Farias, Maria José Carvalho Carmona, José Otávio Costa Auler Jr., Luiz Augusto Carneiro D'albuquerque

"The effects of terlipressine on liver bleeding induced by hepatic hemorrhagic injury: A new strategy for hemosthasis protection". Dr Eduardo Carone Filho Prize at the International Digestive Tract Transplant Forum, from 09 to 11 December, 2010.

Leal AJG, Belon AR, Tannuri AÇA, Guimarães RRN, Coelho MCM, Gonçalves JO, Sokol SS, Melo ES, Otoch JP, Tannuri U

"A new model of largefor-size porcine liver transplantation with aortic clamping". Best Poster at the I Brazilian Symposium for Pediatric Transplant, from 08 to 09 November, 2012.

CA Holms

"Distribution of the pulmonary flow in an experimental acute pulmonary injury model, during volume- or pressure-controlled ventilation, as assessed by electric impedance tomography (EIT)". ROBERTO MARIO CLAUSI PRIZE Poster – Mechanical Ventilation Category – XVI Intensive Care Medicine Brazilian Congress – CBMI 2011.

F Galas, L Hajjar, B Sorensen, J Almeida, M Sundin, V Guimaraes, S Zefferino, L Camara, F Maua, M Moreira, C Puttini, M Carmona, J Auler Jr, R Nakamura

"Randomized comparison of fibrinogen concentrate versus cryoprecipitate for bleeding control in pediatric cardiac surgery (FICCS study)". 32nd International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine – Brussels – 20-23 March, 2012.

Marubayashi LY, Malbouisson LMS, Yoiti L, Meireles A, Silva Júnior JM

"Management of High Surgical Rirk Patients". Prêmio Mario Covas Prize. Best paper at the Intensive Care Medicine Brazilian Congress, 2012.