Each credit is equivalent to 15 class hours.

Course acronym
Course name (Syllabus) Credits
MAN5727 Inflammation and changes in microcirculatory tissue hypoperfusion and volume resuscitation with different fluids 4
MAN5728 Methodological basis of scientific research 8
MAN5731 Molecular mechanisms of painful information processing 4
MAN5733 Teaching in Anesthesiology, Surgical Sciences and Perioperative Medicine 4
MAN5735 Critical analysis of interpretations in perioperative respiratory mechanics and prevention of respiratory complications in surgical patients 3
MAN5736 Bases of cardiovascular research in animals 4
MAN5737 Critical analysis of hemodynamic monitoring of volume replacement solutions and vasopressors for cesarean 4
MAN5738 Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of adjuvant anesthetics and drugs in perioperative 2
MAN5739 Management and development of multicenter studies in clinical research: regulatory standards and practical application 2
MAN5740 Study of models ischemia/reperfusion injury in organ transplantation 2
MAN5741 Good anesthetic practices in experimental research 2
MAN5742 Critical appraisal of postoperative pain mechanisms and treatments 4
MAN5743 Cardiopulmonary interaction and hemodynamic monitoring 4
MAN5744 Critical analysis of research projects 2
MAN5745 Didactic internship for graduate students strict sense 3
MAN5746 Development of ex vivo models in the teaching of surgery and endoscopy 4
MAN5748 Critical analysis, results evaluation and methodology of laryngeal cancer treatment protocols 4
MAN5749 Institutional internationalization: processes, partnerships and results 4
MAN5750 The limits of evidence-based medicine when applied to surgical treatments 4
MAN5752 Studies of the methods of surgical training and evaluation by simulation in vascular surgery 3
MAN5753 Research in surgery: concepts and methodological principles 8
MAN5754 Tissue engineering and biosynthetic material use in surgery 4
MAN5755 Biomechanics of the aorta and arterial aneurysms: association of arterial morphology and perioperative prognosis variables 4